Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Guten Tag miteinander - Good Evening Everyone!

A day of inspiration as we travelled the south of Germany through the black forest (home of the black forest cake) and the cuckoo clock.  It has also been a time to get to know new friends on our bus.  So many interesting stories.  We have met folks from Ohio, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, California, Vancouver and P.E.I.  A wonderful group!

 A big bear hug for Cas as she says good-bye to Germany.
 Stopped in a tiny town in the Black forest to see thousands of hand carved cuckoo clocks.  As well, there was an artisan blowing glass and making beautiful decorations, glasses, etc.
 Prost!  Thus ends our travels through Germany...on to Switzerland.
 Schaffhausen Falls in Switzerland...

 The mountains in Switzerland are absolutely spectacular.  We could not capture the breathtaking views through our bus window but tomorrow we hope to take some pictures as we cruise down the Seine.  We will be two days in Switzerland so there will be many more photos coming.  Below is the Lion Monument in Lucerne.  It was built in memory of Louis XVI's courageous Swiss Guards who lost their lives defending the Palace of the Tuilieries in Paris during the French Revolution.  They were all murdered but one.  You can't even imagine how moving this statue is...the pain on the lion's face - agonizing.

 Meet Conrad...our new friend from Winnipeg.  We don't know how his wife Ruth puts up with him. The man has a photo bombing addiction.  He is in at least one photo on every persons' camera. Can't believe he is actually taking a picture and not RUINING someone else's.  Hahaha.  A great person!
 On our way up the mountain to our hotel.  Unbelievable.  We thought we were in a fairytale.
 Our balcony doors into our room.
 Our view.  We thought Heidelberg was quaint but nothing can be "sweeter" than the chocolatey Swiss mountains of this mountain village called Flueli-Ranft.
 Chillin before dinner!

 The walkway leading to our hotel.  We are in a tiny village in the mountains called Flueli-Ranft.
 Yep...our hotel!!!

So stay tuned as tomorrow we head out on the Seine and then up one of the mountains on their new cabriolet - the first of its kind in the holds 30 people on top of the cabriolet outdoors!!!!  aaahhhhh!!!!  Weather is changing so wish us luck!!!


  1. Hi - just love seeing the pics of what you are experiencing - TOWN APPROPRIATELY NAMED FOR THE ROBINSONS !!!!!!!!!!!!
    Having a great visit with the Millers - LOOKING FORWARD TO THE NEXT BLOG - see you soon, xxxxx Win

  2. The views are definitely breathtaking and your hotel!!!!!

  3. I agree! Those photos from your hotel are memorable! I need to visit!