Thursday, September 11, 2014

Day 2 in the land of Arnold Schwarzenegger

To our great fortune, we had a whole extra day to spend in Lucerne Switzerland. The day began, as should have been expected, with a call from a Swiss yodeller and a rooster to boot. After filling our bellies with cheese for breakfast the gang headed into town and onto a boat that would take us around lake Vierwaldstattersee, known as lake Lucerne to us. Mom and I then headed into town to see the old wooden bridge which was built in the 14th century and of course to check out the shopping scene. Later in the day a large group of us jumped onto the 'Cabrio' - a cable car - that took us way up into the Swiss Alps. Unfortunately, the weather didn't co-operate however it was still and incredible experience. Plus its incredibly cool that we can now say 'Yeah, I've been up into the Swiss Alps before.' 

Photo's from around the lake.

Where to buy a $125, 000 Rolex watch in Switzerland!

 The Kapellbrucke bridge. It burnt down and was rebuilt but the water tower is still the original from the 14th century.
 Swans are everywhere and they are mean!!!

 Our little Swiss Miss
 Headed up into the Alps! 

 We went from this....
 To this! In seconds.

 If you want to see what we wish we had seen in the Alps, check out this link! -

 Cassie the Marmot. 
 Met Heidi and her grandfather in the Swiss Alps today. 
 Ranger the Marmot

These are actually photo's going back to our hotel today. Just wanted to show you guys more. 

View from our balcony.

View from our room!!!


  1. Hard to describe In words Kelly! What a beautiful country.

  2. What beautiful sites, you're definitely organizing our Italy trip!

  3. "Yoddle-eh-hee-hoo"