Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Day Two - The Rhineland Experience

Today we travelled through the Netherlands past Arnhem (where we will re-visit) on to the rolling hills and spectacular village clad valleys of the Rhineland.  Aside from enjoying the beautiful scenery, we were treated to a Rhine Cruise beginning in Boppard Germany and ending at St. Goar.

 Wonder where German Reisling comes from?  Here are the grapes...millions of them!

 The town of Boppart.
 Villages along the Rhine.
 Two of five castles we saw along the coast.  Many have been converted into hotels.

Lorelei the Siren of the Great Rhine River!!!  This rock where the flags are at the top is where the legend of Lorelei began.   Apparently she was a beautiful Siren who used to sit upon the rock - her long hair flowing over her shoulders...She would lure in unsuspecting sailors and when their boats crashed against the rocks - she would take all of their possessions.

More grapes! Can you imagine trying to pick them off those seriously steep hills!

After the Rhine cruise we headed South to the oldest university city in Germany - Heidelburg! We loved it here but unfortunately had very little time to explore. It's filled with such character, cobble stone streets, little cafes, flowers under most of the windows. It was a pretty laid back atmosphere, calm, quaint, and simply beautiful. One of its biggest attractions is the old sandstone castle. 
 The old sandstone castle!

 Mom was stunned to see that this building turns out to be one of her famous Haliburton jigsaw puzzles!

 "AUSFAHRT" Town of the Robinsons
Goodnight everyone, before you all wake up we will be saying goodbye to Neustadt Germany and hello to the Black Forest in Switzerland.