Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Last Day in Amsterdam

Well, our "trip" has officially ended...and the best of our journey is about to begin.  Today, we spent a leisurely day in the Amsterdam market district.  Another gorgeous hot and sunny day.  We have been blessed with amazing weather for sure.

At around 4 pm,  I looked down the street at our hotel and this beautiful blonde lady was approaching wheeling her suitcase behind her...and I thought that looks like...Win...and guess what...it was!!!  It was a happy reunion and we immediately got caught up on the news from home and reviewed all the great information Alice has shared with us about the upcoming days in Milsbeek, Groesbeek, and Mook.  We are looking forward to our visit with her and Leen and to attending the various ceremonies and celebrations associated with the 70th Anniversary of the Liberation of Holland.
We can't even believe that tomorrow we will see our Uncle Tony's grave site.  I think it will be a very emotional time.

Stay tuned for our postings...we will try to capture, as best we can, the experience of such a great event.

Today's happenings...


  1. Looking Good - I knew that Win would have no problem arriving and finding you. Your photos remind us of our trip to Amsterdam. Dave notice that Win's beer was disappearing rather quickly! (125 Eagle Crest Trail)

  2. At train station and on our way to Njimegen! Thanks for the post!

  3. Hi, If you guys are posting pictures from the ceremony, I might have some of my students add comments and questions.

    1. Hi Sam, we will be posting pictures tomorrow for sure and will be happy to hear from your students.