Monday, September 1, 2014

How Did It All Start?

Last November there was an article in the Ottawa Citizen about a man who died during the Second World War. His name was Antonio Barbaro, but to us he was known as Uncle Tony.
This article told the story of Tony’s death. How he and two of his crew members launched their boat into the Maas River to do some repairs. Soon, they hit a boom that sliced the bottom of the boat open. As the boat was sinking, Tony offered up the only two lifejackets in the boat to his comrades - they weren’t able to swim. He said he would try to swim ashore without one. The strong current of the river assured that he would never make it to shore alive. Tony drowned at 22 years old after one last act of courage and bravery, saving his crew members lives. 
It’s almost a year after this article was printed and after endless conversations about whether or not to visit Europe, here we are. My mom and I, mere days away from adventuring off to travel, but most importantly to participate in commemoration of our Uncle Tony and to witness the unveiling of the monument being built in his honour in Mook -The Netherlands.
Before the ceremonies begin we will be enjoying a lovely bus tour as well! Of course we have to take advantage of what we can while we are there right!?
We will be starting our journey in London, next we will head off to Amsterdam, after Amsterdam Germany, from Germany to Switzerland, our last stop on the bus tour after Switzerland will be Paris, France!
While everyone from the bus tour will then be heading home our journey will continue!! Back to Amsterdam we go, where my Aunt Win will join us before the three of us meet up with our Dutch friend Alice. She will be hosting the three Amigos (Aunt Win, Mom and I) for the celebratory services in honour of Uncle Tony and the liberation of Holland!

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