Saturday, September 20, 2014

Commemoration at the Engineers Monument

Today we attended the ceremony at the Engineers Monument (25th Anniversary of the Engineers Memorial 1989 - 2014).  Alice has played a very important role in this commemoration as year after year she places 7 roses in wooden boats in memory of the 7 Royal Canadian Engineers of the 23rd who lost their lives in Operation Berlin.

 If you zoom in, you will see the Old Church.

 One of our favourite Stormboat Kings!!!  Donald Somerville with daughter Darlene.
 Hercules flying above ceremony.
 Monument for the Engineers.

 Alice shows Donald the newspaper article from Uncle Tony's commemoration.

It poured rain, but not one person left until the program was over.

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  1. I was there in July and one of those roses that Alice places on the monument is honour of my great-uncle Lt. James Russell Martin. It is a very emotional adventure to travel where our family has travelled and fallen 70 years ago, isn't it. Thank you for sharing your adventures.