Monday, September 15, 2014


Yesterday we traveled from Paris to Amsterdam on the Thalys Train system.  We didn't get much sleep on the train so we were pretty tired when we arrived.  So...we just spent the time getting familiar with our new surroundings.  The weather was amazing so we sat outside and enjoyed the day.  A nice cold beer and a delicious lamb lasagna dinner!

 So left the hotel in Paris at 6:15 am and walked to the Metro, then from the Metro transferred to the Thalys...then off to Amsterdam!
 "Hipsta, take a picha"
 Entrance to our hotel the Van Onna which is in the Jordaan area of Amsterdam.  It is like a bed and breakfast.  Love the Dutch chocolate sprinkles at morning breakfast!
 The Van Onna.
 View from the bridge near our hotel.
 Enjoying a Heinie at the Prins outdoor cafe.  With Cas...
Early get rested for a big day tomorrow.

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